Annie and Curtis Kamiya  |  Visions by Janna Tenney

Annie and Curtis Kamiya | Visions by Janna Tenney


We are over the moon excited to meet you!

That's us, the blissfully married couple with a passion for all things weddings (and Mango gelato, clearly). When we started as wedding musicians in Hawai'i 10 years ago, we never knew how much we would fall in love with each & every Mango Season couple, and how every wedding is (honestly!) truly unique & so very magical.

You know why? Because, it's about your love story.

Our desire is for every couple to be absolutely overjoyed with their wedding day, and be delighted & inspired with all the unique touches that bring out the best of who you are and the sweetest details of your love story. We want you to walk into your wedding and not stop smiling because every piece connects with you, and reminds you of why you fell in love with your sweetheart all over again.

With the Mango Season Weddings & Events team, you get a seasoned crew of dedicated wedding professionals all with one goal in mind -- we lovingly worry about every unique moment & detail so you don't have to. And, we're going to have so much fun doing it!

So take a look at our services, let's us know what you like, and we cannot WAIT to get start creating some magical moments for you!

Annie and Curtis Kamiya | Owners / Creatives | Mango Season Weddings and Events

Love Wins Every Time.

Seriously. Love is the only constant, kids. It’s what made you basically become a hyperventilating crazy person when your beloved got on their knees to propose. It’s what makes your flesh go all goose-pimpley seeing your lover walk into a room and glance your way. You want to shout your engagement from the top of the Austrian alps like some modern-day Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music (and, yes, you’re just singing into a hairbrush in your bathroom, but I FEEL YOU). Because love is a FREAKIN’ miracle and magic as all get out!

And that’s where Mango Season Weddings comes in. After 15 years of marriage, and thousands of mango gelatos together, we’ve learned a thing (or 20!) about relationships. And we’ve been a grateful part of hundreds of weddings since opening shop in Honolulu, Hawai’i in 2011. We place your love and friendship at the center of every decision, every detail, every conversation, every late night prosecco-fueled brainstorming season, every sweaty dance party moment of your wedding day vision. Because celebrating your love story is the only thing that matters to us. And our team is here to make sure your love is celebrated to perfection.


we’re a little Wedding obsessed.

Or a lot. Which means we dream in vision boards and can’t stop scrolling through ALL that beauty over at BHLDN. (oh my whiskey!)

But, the real heart of our wedding obsession is you. What eases your creeping wedding stress, how to pack your planning process with more F-U-N, what favorite ‘90’s boy band song would just melt your heart as you walk down the aisle. We care so much about how you and your sweetheart experience the entire planning process up until the last pair of buns leaves the dance floor that we’ve crafted services to meet many of your wedding needs.

We currently offer live wedding music, DJ & emcee services, design & planning, wedding coordination, and sweet engagement & elopement packages so you can go nuts marking off that checklist. (naturally, we’ll leave the “I Do”-ing up to you.)

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Annie & Curtis were the best...I can’t say enough about their professionalism & enthusiasm to make your wedding day the best day of your life!
— Cara & Alvin | Honolulu, Hawai'i

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